Like many of you, I’m sure, my family and I have had time to do the things we have needed to get done and get some things accomplished around our home during this time.
I know for myself it’s also allowed me to check some things off my list of things I’ve been wanted to do with my kids!
My boys were excited when I called them in to help make homemade butter! I used it as a school project while the kids are home from school!

I remember going on a school field trip to Perry Farms here in Corfu, NY as a little girl and watched Mrs. Perry make her fresh butter! Oh, the things you get to do when you live in rural Western NY farm land!

Now, I don’t remember exactly how she instructed us kids but below, I will show you the steps we took to create this super yummy homemade butter!
  1. Pour 8 oz heavy cream in a standing blender (I used the beater attachment, you can use a hand mixer too). Then add a couple dashes of salt for taste. (You can use any small grain salt you want.)

2. Beat on medium for about 5 minute until the texture is stiff (past the whip cream phase)

3. Drop the mixture onto cheese cloth (below), a flour sack towel or you can squeeze the buttermilk out with your hands under running water.

I did half the mixture at a time.

This is what it looks like after separating the buttermilk. You can put it in the fridge and save it for a marinade.

4. This is the step where you would mix in some honey if you want to make sweet honey butter. (Our honey is raw and unfiltered)

If you only want plain butter, just skip this step!

5. Push or pack the butter down into a mold or container and store in the fridge.

You can also slowly melt it down and pour in cute silicone molds. Put the mold in to the fridge to let the butter cool and then pop them out and keep them cool!

This is a wonderful idea for tea time, parties, or special occasions!

Super simple, yummy and creamy!