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Wildflower, raw & UNFILTERED, pure honey straight from the hives of western New York!

Makes a great gift of health.  Many brewers use raw honey to make their hops, and to add to their tea or homemade syrups.

Glass jar for 1 lb, 3 lb, and 2 lb option only.  BPA FREE plastic jug for 6 lb and 12 lb.


Rim is wide for easy access to your honey!

Great for people with allergies, topical wounds, acne, respiratory ailments. There’s so many health benefits to pure raw honey. It’s considered the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including water!
Raw, with all your antioxidants and vitamins, active enzymes still in it~ unlike what many of our grocery stores have to offer whose main ingredient is high fructose.
UNFILTERED, this honey has all the pollen still in it for people with allergies.


Freshness guarantee:

All our jars and bottles are filled fresh, per order and by hand in our shop!

=>Please read if you are looking to purchase honey from this shop!
This honey is raw and unfiltered.


It will not taste like the honey you buy from your typical store! It will crystallize and may develop cloudiness- this is NORMAL and a good sign that indeed it is from the hive to you!

(If your honey crystallizes simply place it in hot water and let it sit to slowly liquefy- never microwave!)
It will have specks of the hive in it as it is not filtered.
If you want clear, processed, over heated honey, this shop may not be the one for you.

Do not give to children under one year of age.

*Statements above have not been evaluated by FDA


**Please read all my Shop Information on shipping, refunds, and exchanges before purchasing! (thank you)***

10 reviews for Raw, Unfiltered Honey – BULK

  1. Deborah (verified owner)


  2. lenka (verified owner)

    Raw unfiltered honey, healing, didn’t raise my blood glucose. It tastes so good!

  3. Michele Wallace (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the best wildflower honey I’ve ever tasted. I will be a lifelong customer. Do yourself and your family a favor and order this honey and experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed at all. It was also well packaged for shipment, without the possibility of breakage. They have super fast shipping. I have been very happy ordering from Kozy Kabin. 😉

  4. Nicci Plata (verified owner)

    This honey is super good! I will definitely make future purchases and I’m referring my family members too. The package arrived sooner than expected, thank you so much!

  5. Nicci Plata (verified owner)

    This honey is really good. Both my husband and I are hooked. Package arrived a lot sooner than expected.

  6. Nancy Ramirez (verified owner)

  7. Nancy Ramirez (verified owner)

  8. Irena B. (verified owner)

    I love the Honey , customer service is great, shipping is quick. A+ all around!

  9. Roger H. (verified owner)

  10. Stephanie C. (verified owner)

    Delicious honey at a great price!

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