I thought I would post for all our locals who so eagerly want to know what we are doing to our house. Because…. well it’s not everyday that you see a house in the air! Lol!
As we posted last year we are adding more space to our homestead but didn’t say how much we are expanding so some passerby’s were in shock.
We wanted a basement we could use since we moved in back in 2010 so we decided we needed to dig it out and put a new one! We had lifted the 1870 home only to find that part of it was built in 6 sections and had to take off the back of our house because it was crumbling and rebuild it.
You can see in the pictures the progression though not in order, sorry!

On a business note: we’re not open to the public and would appreciate if folks didn’t walk around on the property. The shops have been closed.
The roadside stand is still open with honey, jams and firewood.
We are online and you can order through the Etsy shop: kozykabincorfu.etsy.com