The hive and bees are taken to Florida to pollinate blossoms down there as they wouldn’t survive up North here in western NY with all the crazy Buffalo weather.

As far as Maple syrup goes, it’s busy season up here because MB maple is working hard to get ready for spring by tapping the trees and making sure everything’s in working order!

Kozy Kabin is approaching the slow season because most of our goods are used for weddings and well, most couples aren’t like Charlie and I who like winter enough to get married in Mid January and honeymoon to the Adirondack mountains!

Charlie’s construction business tends to slow down too in the winter so we take that little extra time to celebrate 3 out of 5 of our birthdays in December and January!

The holidays are approaching so as we prepare for them may we remember to keep the main thing just that. Serve and help one another looking for someone who needs a hand or maybe a meal because who knows, we may be the ones who need it someday!